Our GOIT CRM simplifies your processes and acts as the main focal point for your organization. With our easy-to-use CRM, you can definitely offer the best customer service possible. It helps you to monitor new Leads, Deposit/Withdrawal processing, Client/IB administration, Compliance and Marketing capabilities.


Make it easy for your clients to make transactions anytime and anywhere.


A complete and easy-to-understand client dashboard panel for your clients, there is all the information they need from deposit info, withdrawals, trading account opening, static charts, trading account info and many others.

Profile Module

Client Profile menu, which contains your client's information and they can change the address and so on who are given access, besides that there is also a password and pin change menu. all very easy to use by clients.

Open a Trading Account

In this menu you can create a trading account with a predefined account type for either a live trading account or a demo account, all in 1 click and easy to use.

Deposits and withdrawals

This menu is used by your clients to deposit money and withdraw profits, and it is very easy to use by your clients, both beginners and professional clients.

KYC / Document Verification

This module is used to verify client documents and is easy for your clients to use, just 2 clicks verification is done.

Support ticket system

One more feature that traders really like is the support ticket service, this module really needs to be implemented to make it easier for your clients to communicate with the company in all forms of problems

Finance Module

There are several things that are contained in the fund menu or this funds module including the deposit and withdrawal menu and there is also an internal transfer menu between the wallet account to the trading account number or vice versa.


Goit creates a separate wallet from your account, clients can make deposits and withdrawals directly to the wallet and also to any trading account they prefer.

Static Chart

Goit also provides all static chart pages for all your financial transactions which are very easy to understand for your corporate clients.

Transaction History

All transactions are stored neatly in the transaction history module. Your clients can monitor at any time whatever you do in the CRM or personal area of your company,

Notification Email

Email notification service every time a new client registers, everything is done right and easy to do.

Other Modules

In addition to the modules we have mentioned, we also provide additional modules such as:

Exchanger feature for clients' deposits and withdrawals

Promotional features such as trading account opening bonus promotions, contests and others.


Make it easy for your clients to make transactions anytime and anywhere.

Referral Page

A complete referral page, inside there are various easy-to-use modules for example choosing a referral domain link, besides that you can change your other according to your surroundings and many others are there

Promotional Materials

The promotional material page consists of banners, links, html which can be copied directly to your site or blog or website and can also specify the language and links you want.

Partner Client

In this feature you can see who are your clients and what transactions they do for real.

Partner Commission

On this page you can see all the commissions that the partner gets from each trade made by his client.

Static Chart

Complete chat stats for your partners to monitor the progress of their work.

Report features

Your partners are very easy to understand the flow or all transactions that their clients make with just one click


Partnership by level, you can set the partner's profit with the desired level.

Language Service

We provide multi language service for Our CRM site.

Costume Referral Link

You can change your referral link to be unique so that it becomes an attraction for people to join.

Costume Domain

You can change choosing a domain that has been provided for promotion 

Internal Transfer IB

IB can transfer balance to all clients under it.

Program Promotion

There are various promotional modules that are complete and ready to use.